Information Concerning Former FEGS Staff
Dear Former FEGS Employees,
Please see the information below:
1. To: Former FEGS Staff Member(s) who received any payments from FEGS in 2017 related to a settlement payout or from a Medical Loss Ratio Rebate (MLR) that FEGS and other insured entities with Oxford were eligible for as provided by the federal Affordable Care Act: Please be aware that your Tax documents were sent out in January 2018 for any 2017 payments you may have received from FEGS. We have received via the USPS a few undeliverable tax forms. If you changed residences since the last time you worked at FEGS, or since the last time you updated your address on our website, please send us an e-mail with your new address and we will resend the form to you. Also, please continue to update your contact information on our website for any future correspondence (see #5 below).
2. If you are a former Union FEGS employee and have any questions related to the settlement of the severance, WARN Act and vacation pay claims paid out to all eligible former Union FEGS staff on February 17th, 2017 please contact the Union. The Union contact number is: (212) 219-0022.
3. Settlement Agreement between FEGS and the NYS Department of Labor on behalf of FEGS non-union employees: The New York State Department of Labor ("the Department" or "DOL") last year reached a settlement (the "Settlement") with Federation Employment and Guidance Service, Inc. ("FEGS") in the FEGS bankruptcy case. All checks for eligible former non-union FEGS staff have already been generated and sent out last year. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mary McManus, Senior Attorney, New York State Department of Labor, Harriman State Office Campus, Building 12, Room 509, Albany NY 12240, (518) 457-6526, mary.mcmanus@labor.ny.gov. 
4. Claims process: Information about the unsecured claims process or current status of the FEGS Bankruptcy is available at http://omnimgt.com/fegs or call: (866)205-3142. General Unsecured Claims are being reviewed and should new information be made available it will be communicated to any eligible claimants.
5. FEGS former employees contact information: In order to ensure that FEGS former employees records are correct, as it relates to any correspondence sent now or in the future, please fill out your information in all the fields by clicking this link. If your address has changed since your employment with FEGS, please update your information. Note: This action is not required if you have already submitted the form, and your address has not been changed since you last submitted it.
6. For questions regarding Pension plans or other Benefit programs you participated in while an employee of FEGS:
  • PENSION RELATED QUESTIONS- Please contact Milliman directly. 
    MILLIMAN SERVICE CENTER:(866)333-2081 (Follow the prompts to speak to a retirement plan specialist Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.)
    Connect with a retirement plan specialist online at MillimanBenefits.com. To start a conversation, click on the chat icon in the footer and complete the form as directed. Web chat is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.
  • TIAA-CREF - 403(b) Related Questions-TIAA-CREF
7. To request employment verification regarding former FEGS staff, please contact MetalQuest, FEGS federal bankruptcy court appointed records custodian to obtain any verifications or records you are seeking.

MetalQuest contact information is below:

MetalQuest Phone number: (513) 898-1022

MetalQuest Address:  MetalQuest, Inc. ATTN: FEGS Release of Information Department PO Box 46364 Cincinnati, OH 45246-0364

Fax: 513-242-5059

MetalQuest Email: fegs@metalquest.com


8. Pursuant to its confirmed Plan of Liquidation, FEGS made a first interim distribution of allowed general unsecured claims in the Spring of 2022. For any former eligible FEGS employees who received a distribution payment and successfully deposited or cashed it in 2022, hardcopy W-2 forms are being sent out by PayChex as per IRS requirements.

Former eligible FEGS employees who received a distribution payment and successfully deposited or cashed it can access their W-2 sooner via Paychex Flex. To access Paychex Flex please visit http://payx.me/PaychexFlexLogin to get started. The Paychex Flex page provides help logging in or setting up the Paychex Flex account. Once log in is successful, the W-2 is available on the dashboard.



Additionally, Here are step-by-step instructions, including a version in Spanish, to help create a Paychex Flex account.




If you have any additional questions about accessing W-2s online, please visit the W-2 FAQ page or visit additional support options here




Thank you,
Andy Slutsky
Director, Senior Human Resources
Phone 212-366-8541/Email: ASlutsky@FEGS.org